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Our company is timber merchants and produces and sells timber in Minsk, high quality, meeting the requirements of regulatory and technical documentation. We implement various kinds of timber, manufactured from different kinds of wood having a different cross section and degree of humidity.

Timbers (beam) – a kind of lumber having a cross-section of more than 50 mm, and are made from different types of wood logs. Wooden beams, along with other types of lumber, found a very wide use in the furniture industry, construction and manufacturing.

Depending on longitudinal surfaces, timbers made double, triple and uses a four. For example, the treated timber, which handled all four longitudinal sides, called a four. Also, our company produces a calibrated timber – is dried and treated to a strictly defined size wooden beams. Depending on the processing, distinguish shaped, round and non-profiled timber.

Non-profiled timber is actually a timber, treated with two, three or four sides. Corrugated board, in turn, different from the usual non-profiled timber specific profile of one of the parties. Cylindered timber is used for construction and home and processed on the one hand a log.

Timber price depends on wood species, the degree of processing, and humidity, as well as its cross-section is realized by us on a regular basis, both in Belarus and in the European Union. Buy timber in Minsk can be at our warehouse, on the territory of Belarus and other countries, wooden beam delivers by rail and road. In order to buy timber with the staff contact our Sales Department.

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