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One of the activities of our company is the production and sale of wooden bars of various sections and wood. Bar, implemented by us will be subject to the requirements of the relevant standards and have high quality.

Bar – a timber, up to 100 mm and a width of not more than 200 mm. If the thickness of the timber exceeds 100 mm, it is no longer wood rods, beams and widely used in building. The wooden bar is, for the most part, finds its application in furniture manufacture.

Depending on the degree of humidity of the wooden bars, they are natural humidity and dry. Bars natural moisture during drying may be deformed so applied in cases where it is required high accuracy. Dry wood sticks before treatment carefully dried in the drying chamber, after the treatment, in which humidity does not exceed 10 %.
Depending on the surface of the bars is divided into non-planed and planed that governs their continued application – planed wooden bars is used in the furniture industry, and non-planed bar used carpentry products. The wooden bar has found its wide application in the construction, the furniture industry, manufacture of pallets and other spheres of activity.

Bar price of which depends on its cross-section, type of wood and the degree of humidity is made by us on a regular basis, including for export. Buy bar in Minsk, you can directly from our warehouse, delivery is made by road and rail to other regions of Belarus. What would you buy a bar call our managers and they will help you choose the optimal solution to your problem.

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