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One of the activities of our company is the realization of hard and soft MDF with different characteristics. MDF board sold us on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and in other countries.

MDF – is a sheet material produced by compacting and drying the wood fibers with the introduction of binder additives. Depending on its characteristics, MDF fiberboard varies on general and special purpose.
Depending on their technological purpose MDF plate is divided into hard and soft. Hard and soft MDF board, in turn, depending on the density, strength and type of the front surface have their subtypes.

MDF sheet is widely used in construction, car building, the furniture industry, production of packaging, as well as other designs and products are protected from moisture.

The raw material for the production of MDF is wood chips, recycled into fiber. The pre-cooked pulp was added rosin, paraffin, synthetic resins, flame retardants and preservatives.

MDF price of which depends on the type and density, which is realized by our company meets the requirements of the relevant standards and have high quality. MDF board in Minsk can be purchased on the stock of our company, in other regions of the country MDF is delivered by rail and road. In order that would buy MDF contact our specialists and they will answer all your questions.

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