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One of the activities LLC “Lumber” is the production and sale of wood chips for various purposes, and wood. Splint, sold by our company will be subject to its further use, and therefore has different characteristics.

Wood chip – is processed by crushing and drying, twigs, branches, firewood, stumps, low-grade wood and other wood waste. Wood chippings used in the form of fuel, in which case it is called fuel chips, as well as the chips technology for its further processing in the production of resin industries.

Wood chips fuel is used, as an environmentally-friendly renewable fuels to produce heat and electricity. Such splint is used as bio-fuel for solid fuel boilers and thermal power plants, where it has found its wide application.

Technological chips used in industry for the manufacture of fuel briquettes, pellets, pulp, paper, cardboard, wood panels, particleboard, fiberboard, industrial alcohol and other products of wood chemical industry.

Our company realized a fuel and technology of high-quality wood chippings, corresponding to the requirements of normative and technical documentation.

Also, our company sells chips applied for barbecues and barbecue. Wood chips for smoking is done at a distance from large cities in an environmentally safe areas of Belarus and does not contain any harmful impurities and hazardous chemicals.

Standard features implemented chips:

Of wood pine, with an admixture of aspen, alder and birch
Density, kg/m³ 150-300
Length, mm 5-50
Thickness, mm 30
Ash content,% 1-3
Relative humidity,% 25-40
Heat of combustion, however, kJ/kg 10200
Radioactivity, no more, Bq/kg 300


Organized by us manufacture the chips allow, on a permanent basis, to ship to the address of the customer rather large volumes of high-quality chips, both in the Republic of Belarus and for export. Splint in Minsk are shipped directly from our warehouse in the other cities of Belarus is carried out delivery trucks or rail cars. In order that would buy splint contact with the specialists of our company, and they will answer all your questions.

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