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LLC “Lumber” prepares and sells high-quality dry firewood at reasonable prices. Our product range includes firewood for sale, oak, birch, pine, spruce, beech, ash and other tree species.

Firewood – a piece of timber that cannot be used in a forestry industry and intended for combustion in furnaces, boilers, fireplaces and fires. His use of chopped firewood found in the energy sector – they are used for combustion in boilers, fuel power plants.

According to the requirements of standardized quality firewood for wood species, length, area, rot, height boughs residues and gradation. Wood, which is less than one meter length is classified as logs.

Allocated amount of heat from the combustion of wood depends primarily on the rock and the degree of humidity of wood. High humidity greatly reduces the calorific value of the wood, as evaporates during combustion, the water takes some of the heat energy.

Absolutely dry wood of deciduous trees have a thermal conductivity of 5 kWh of heat per kilogram of wood, and wood of conifers – 5.2 kWh of heat. In reality, however, to achieve the absolute humidity is not possible, therefore, considered to be dry wood with 15% humidity.

Softwood wood are slightly greater than those of hardwood, thermal conductivity, but since they have a lower density, the specific heat value from them still less – faster burn coniferous wood and take up more space. Cubic meter of dry hardwood firewood can replace 200 cubic meters of natural gas or 200 liters of oil, in addition, wood is a renewable resource.

The thermal conductivity of wood different kinds of wood with a moisture content of 15 %:

Of wood Thermal conductivity , kWh / m³
Beech , ash 2016
Oak 1974
Birch 1890
Larch 1806
Pine 1548
Spruce 1419


Our company offers firewood for sale in Minsk and other Belarusian cities. Firewood price of which depends on the wood species, length and quality, and shipped by us for export. Buy firewood may be in our warehouse in Minsk or contact our managers by phone.

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