Furniture board

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We manufacture and sell high-quality furniture panels that you can buy in Minsk and use for the manufacture of furniture, tables, steps or window sills.

The volume that we produce per month of furniture panels made of pine is about 100 cubic meters. The thickness of the furniture board is 40 or 18 mm. By gluing lamellas, the furniture panel can be solid-molded or spliced. Standard humidity of a shield for the manufacture of furniture is 10-12%. The maximum length can be up to 6 meters, the maximum width of the furniture board is 1200 mm. Also, if necessary, we can cut the furniture board to your size to order. Prices for a furniture shield made of pine will suit you for sure, because we sell directly from our production without any extra charges.

Everyone who starts working with us becomes our regular partner. Order and see for yourself.

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