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Our company is a log storage and specializes in the preparation and implementation of various types of logs, in particular – we are constantly on the basis of implementing logs (roundwood), logs (sawlogs), logs, poles, round logs and other wood of different kinds of coniferous and deciduous wood.

 Wood logs, otherwise known as roundwood or roundwood, is an assortment of timber, which is used in a circular form, or as raw materials for further producing lumber. Get roundwood by forest harvesting and further cross cutting trunks of trees of different species. Logs obtained from upper and middle parts of the tree trunk, while the lower part, called logs, is used for the production of special types of timber.

Round woodlog is elapsed machining on specialized equipment and having the same diameter throughout its length. Depending on the type of woodworking equipment, the log can also be given a special profile. Manufacture of roundwood occurs in several stages: primary sorting wooden logs, processing for machine and, if necessary, antiseptic treatment which prevents contamination of wood mold and fungi.

The log, depending on the wood species and its degree of processing and diameter, is used as construction logs (logs for piles, elements of bridges and other hydraulic structures), mast logs (logs for construction of radio towers and masts of ships) timber for poles (logs for manufacturing supports power and communications) and construction timber.

The log price of which depends on the humidity, and the diameter of wood, realized by us on a regular basis, as the market of the Republic of Belarus, as well as for export. Hardwood logs are shipped by road and rail, both from our warehouse, and shipping to the customer’s warehouse. In order to buy logs for sale contact our department and they will advise you on all issues of interest.

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