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Our company permanently sells various kinds of high quality OSB. OSB can be bought in Minsk on stock, also buy OSB, supplied by our company, it is possible and in other cities of Belarus. All of us realized OSB complies with the requirements of normative and technical documentation.

Oriented strand board, OSB – a multi-layered sheet of wood, consisting of a thin shavings and wood chips glued with resins, with the introduction of synthetic fibers and boric acid. Typically OSB plate has three or more layers, the chips in different orientations which have – in the inner layers transverse and in longitudinal outside.

OSB is used for wall cladding, roofing battens, rough arrangement of the sexes as a removable formwork for the concrete work, the production of thermal panels and self-supporting insulated panels, in a cottage, and high-rise housing construction.

The advantages of OSB are low cost, high reliability, similar to the appearance of the tree, the quality of manufacturing consistency, a fairly low weight and high rate of deformation fracture. OSB drawbacks can distinguish low vapor permeability and emission of toxic substances, formaldehyde in particular, non-compliance with the production technology.

OSB plate has high strength (strength comparable with OSB plywood strength), moisture resistance (capable of, without changing properties in the water more than a day), and a low level of defects (voids, delamination and knots), holds fasteners well and is not subject to damage by insects.

Depending on the application, different varieties produced OSB. In the production, OSB plate can be covered with lacquer (lacquered OSB) and laminate (laminated OSB). OSB plate, with processed ends under the tongue and groove, used for packing the square, called OSB decking.

OSB-1 has a reduced moisture resistance and is used in conditions of low humidity, in particular in the manufacture of furniture and packaging. OSB-2 is used in dry conditions in the manufacture of load-bearing structures. OSB-3 construction material that can be used in wet conditions. OSB-4 has a high resistance to moisture and can withstand significant mechanical loads.

OSB price of which depends on the type and dimensions are shipped from our warehouse, also can be delivered by road and rail cars in any city of Belarus. In order to buy OSB, contact with the specialists of our company, and they will answer all your questions.

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