Particle boards

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One of the activities of our company is the implementation of various brands particleboard having different dimensions and density, and the degree of external machining, both in Belarus and for export.

Chipboard sheet – a composite sheet which is made by pressing the chips mixed with a binder and additives. Chipboard material found mass application in building, car building, and production of container, a wooden frame and panel construction, the production of upholstered furniture.

Rated Particleboard thickness is from 3 mm to 1 mm gradation width 1220-2500 mm, 1830-3220 mm length. Chipboard sheet sizes, which are different from the nominal, are available by special order. Chipboard having a density – of 0.5-1 g / cm³, swelling in water – 5-30%, the bending strength – at least 10-25 MPa, a tensile strength – at least 0.2-0.5 MPa , humidity – 5-12%.

Chipboard sheet produced a single-layer, three-layer and multi-layer, is divided into first grade (allowed only minor defects), Class II (possible presence of large defects) and no grade (no requirements for defects). Particleboard produced small (less than 550 kg/m³), medium (550-750 kg/m³) and high density (more than 750 kg/m³); the density of the test depends on the price of the chipboard sheet. When introduced into the EAF retardants, it acquires flame retardant characteristics.

Chipboard price of which depends on its density, type, thickness and dimensions, sold by our company meets the requirements of all currently existing standards. In order that would buy chipboard please contacts our specialists and they will answer all your questions.

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