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Our company sells high-quality plywood and birch plywood of various grades. Plywood sheets in Minsk sold from our warehouse, in other regions, can be delivered by road or rail.

Plywood – a multi-layered wood material manufactured by gluing a pre-arranged wood veneer. The number of layers of veneer usually odd – three or more. To increase the strength of plywood veneer layers are applied so that the fibers of the wood fibers were perpendicular to the previous layer.

A plywood sheet has been widely used in the furniture industry, construction, shipbuilding, aircraft and car building. Birch plywood, wood of different species, varieties and discharged several types, depending on the appearance of a defect and destination. The quality of plywood defined as “E” and grades I-IV.

In terms of water-resistant plywood is divided into two types – FC (water-resistant plywood) and PSF (increased water resistance). Plywood is longitudinally (facing layers of fiber oriented along the long side) and lateral (transverse fibers are directed along the sides).

Also plywood separated by degree of processing surfaces unsanded, polished on one and both sides. Softwood plywood made of pine veneer, fir or spruce, is allowed content in the inner layers of hardwood veneer. Birch plywood is made of birch veneer, and is widely used in the furniture industry.

Plywood prices of which depends on its type, wood type and the number of layers is realized by our company on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, as well as for export. In stock there is always high-quality plywood to buy that you can contact our specialists.

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